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Original Plantita Art Prints 8x11

Original Plantita Art Prints 8x11

Original Art Prints will be stamped with unique Mayumou signature for authencity. 


The girls in these illustrations exude joy, diversity, and a sense of adventure. They come to life with a burst of vibrant colors, adding a splash of happiness to your everyday routine. 


  • Artwork Copyright and Usage Disclaimer

    Mayumou ("Artist") asserts all rights to the original artwork created and displayed on. This artwork is protected under copyright law.


    • Reproduction: The artwork, including but not limited to images, prints, or digital representations, may not be reproduced in any form without the explicit written permission of the Artist.

    • Alteration: No alteration, modification, or adaptation of the artwork is permitted without prior written consent from the Artist.

    • Resale for Profit or Commercial Use: The artwork may not be resold for profit or used for commercial purposes.


    The Artist reserves the right to take legal action against any unauthorized use, reproduction, alteration, or resale of the artwork that violates the terms of this disclaimer.

    By purchasing this Original Plantita Art Print, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions.

    Thank you for respecting the rights of the Artist.

    Mayumou Art Inc. 

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